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PCB Assembly Service

We have seen in recent years the need for lower cost manufacturing services as the UK and Europe, United States have become less competitive in the market place, so the need for lower cost production has become imperative. COMCOME Limitedthrough its partner and its own workshop in China and Vietnam can offer you a lower cost alternative without compromising on quality or reliability of the products, We have extensive experience in electronics components distribution, capacity in inspection of the good quality components, design and manufacturing. PCB assembly forms a core part of our electronics manufacturing services. This capability can be utilized at all levels from prototyping, small to medium production runs to full scale production. Our goal was to provide complete turnkey solutions for our customers. Our cooperation with DHL, UPS, TNT, the international couriers for years bestowed us with very good discount to supply the customers with small orders with speedy delivery.

Quality Assurance

It is paramount to all our business activities that consistent product and customer satisfaction is achieved. With a continual program of training and development of our employees, we ensure ourstaffunderstand well the needs and expectations of our customers. We will offer the video of the testing procedures of the whole boards with the customers¡¯ requirement.

A reliable supplier of electronics components

Years ago when we begin our PCB Assembly, we know from our customers that there are a lot of false electronics components in the market. The false components caused big problems for prompt delivery and quality of the boards. So we started our electronic components distributor as a business in the same time. And we decide to offer the components to make the boards. By this way, we can offer long warranty for the whole board. Integrated circuits, diodes and triodes, capacitors and resistors consist of our main components distribution business. With an office near the biggest electronic components market in China and Asia and thanks to our inspection devices and equipment, we are able to supply inductors, switches, memories, flashes, GPS modules, Power modules, LEDs, LCD displays, SMA connectors etc. with genuine quality.

From the short introduction of our business, hope you can know more about us and just send us your GERBER file and BOM list and get a complete board from us!

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